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No luxury estate would be complete without gourmet kitchens and a private chef that knows how to make the best use of it, and Casa Ponte is no exception

Breakfast, brunch, lunch snacks, happy hour hors d’oeuvres, dinner, well, you get the picture, rest assured, our chefs know how to do it all. Bringing international experience and training with them, there is little that they cannot produce and everything is delicious. At Casa Ponte, we understand both the fine dining experience and fun and easy cuisine which makes it possible to enjoy the freshest local fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats from the comfort of the estate grounds.

You also have the choice to let us cater meals in so you don’t have to worry about additional staff on-grounds. We can bring the same quality and flavor from our chef’s off-site kitchen.

Looking for a special menu? We understand that lifestyle eating choices can enrich your wellbeing and are very important to many of our guests. From our choice of Chefs we have specialists in almost all areas of healthy (and unhealthy goodness if that is what you are looking for) cuisine. We offer vegetarian, Kosher, vegan, gluten free, nut free, and can accommodate most other special requests. For the bigger appetites or just a taste of home, we also offer all styles of comfort food as well.

Contact us today and one of our culinary specialists will get started to help you plan the perfect menu.